Writing to come back

All it takes is for me to look slighty above on my screen to read ‘Medium Blog’ bookmarked staring right at me waiting to be opened. Always, I think about what I would write and when I should write it. Here we are now.

So what possessed me to open the bookmarked link today as oppose to yesterday or any day before that where I’ve contemplated it but failed to take action? I thought about my insta-blog. This is a blog I created to document my progress in learning how to trade in the Foreign Exchange market. I thought back to the very cringey highlights I made when first starting out; posting about this event I went to. Having looked back recently, I realised how inauthentic I sounded and how it seemed I was copying the words of another person, sending disingenuous praises to people I rarely knew. I loved the event don’t get me wrong! It inspired me in many ways but the way I was writing was unlike me (it’s still uploaded in my highlights haha). But having thought this, I found myself reflecting on how that Instagram, overtime, slowly became a true reflection of my experience as it’s now a lot more sincere, authentic and a lot more me. It was this eventual change that had me thinking about how it took getting started and continuing to finally find my edge, my style and my creativity.

So, if I continue writing these blog posts, no matter how crappy or disorganised they are or how the collection of posts lacks a theme, I’ll soon discover the long term vision. My guess is that it’s only a matter of time and consistency.

I was also inspired by Ali Abdaal’s video where he talks about ‘sharing your imperfect work’. He explains how when he started his YouTube channel he knew that his first 100 videos would be not so great but that was okay because he had to get through them in order to see progress.

In essence, it’s quantity over quality.

I’ll see you in my next post :)


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