about 10 minutes ago, I finished reading the remarkable story ‘The Simple Seerah’. I am left in awe.

I loved reading about the life story of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). I genuinely enjoyed it.

There were so many moments where I cried. The first being the first chapter where…

I just finished watching the astounding Netflix series ‘Maid’. I sit here, past 10pm on a Thursday night writing about it because of how much I appreciated the underlying morals Alex’s story conveyed.

Alex is a young woman, a mother, a survivor, who’s story begins at her home in Alaska…

I am currently reading ‘The Character of the Muslim Woman’ authored by Abd al-Halim Abu Shuqqah.

Having read the introductory chapters which delves into the objectives of the book, I began to get excited by the idea of learning a lot about…well…the character of the Muslim woman. All my life…

What do you do when your ambitions exceed your current capabilities? Stranded on the island that is your mind, orchestrating a euphoric future draped in the wonders of your whimsical yet abstract world.

How can you manage the tendencies of failure creeping into your eloquent vision, hindering it’s life with its obstacle of death?

Perhaps it’s realism. Perhaps it’s pessimism. Nonetheless, it’s conniving— only serving the purpose of destruction and malice. Let me dream. Wake me up and let me build this dream to life. Like the cement that supports the bricks that build a home, let this intangible villain morph into the cement that builds my dreams a home.

I started reading again and I’m really loving it.

I’ve read a few books this year which were mainly no-fiction — educational, thought-provoking, informative. I was interested — really— but it’s nothing like reading fictional books.

I recently finished We Were Liars by E. Lockhart in the space of 2/3…

I cried about death today. I was reminded of it through 2 TikTok videos funnily enough. An app meant for my source of enjoyment and entertainment served today as a reminder of the Bleak Inevitable. It was first in the form of a video of a girl demonstrating her time…

Atomic habits by James Clear

Coding From a Non-coder: A review by Zaynab Abdulle

What we do daily or rather habitually, however small, is the true dictator of success. From mastering the craft of drawing to learning how to code, small improvements will overtime amount to the transformation you wish…

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Here lies the thoughts running through my mind :) -> A random splurge of content!

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